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Best wife bannerlord. If it is the lady you want, agree to the proposal and your brother will Jan 19, 2022 · Today I will go over the best wives in Mount and Blade BannerlordSubscribe:https://www. Put your wife in your party then search for a hideout and save before you attack, select only your wife and headshot her with some javelins. If I assign my wife…. Companions,Wanderers, and Wives. the Falcon/the Golden - 100 Tactics. If you want another fighter in your party look at combat skills, like Siga. Repeat until desirable outcome. quite the looker for sure. Apr 13, 2020 · Trade. Oct 25, 2022 · Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord is a sandbox action-RPG/strategy game and the latest installment in the Mount&Blade series by TaleWorlds, acting as a prequel to Mount&Blade: Warband, and co-published by Prime Matter. Top 5 Best Wives (Battanian) In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go through t Dec 2, 2022 · Top 5 Best Wives (Vlandian) In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go through th Nov 3, 2022 · Find a potential spouse. Hio My wife would be a very good governor. Put her in her own party set the max party funds to like 200 or something low ,let her get captured and “attempt” to recuse her from a town (hopefully the enemy put her in a town) and let the prison guards kill her ,there’s like 50 percent chance she dies. You only need to pass the first check and talk to their clan leader. Seems very cool so far. Just take any young empire girl, teach her the ways of world and breed empire children. See full list on gamersdecide. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a strategy action role-playing video game developed and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment, and co-published by Prime Matter. Some players forget about the cape slot since Warband didn’t have it, but it provides a nice boost to body and arm armor. Some may disagree. It is actually stupid children take mother's culture btw. Arwa, she's hot and is probably the best fighter waifu in the game. 274K subscribers in the mountandblade community. Shot my brother's wife in the head. Best wife? : r/Bannerlord. ago. Go up to an eligible lady’s father and say you have a proposal that could benefit us both. The father will say who their clan is looking to marry off. 4. You can have children; heirs, if you die in battle or of old age. All the girls with high starting stats dont improve much over there lifespan, so lower girls are the way for me. The game suggests that the personality traits actually make lords act differently, but people It's like calling all western Europeans French, because you never even bothered to learn about the rest of the continent. However, I only have two daughters and would like more children as my wife is only 23. If you are on PC, another option is using mods. May 27, 2020 · [Top 12] M&B 2 Bannerlord Best Infantry Units To Have 12. 0/1. But, she has no combat skills. Oct 2, 2022 · Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. com/channel/UCPyuW1kKIdewOUkslDEEDzw/?sub_confirmation=1Banner You should check out some youtubers who did tests on the skills. 3. I usually use my wife and brothers wife as you can pick the culture to match your settlement and choose one with good skills. You guys are treating your in-game wives like how kings do in medieval times. 3 damage bonus from speed with throwing weapons. They have a particularly high charm skill as well as a reasonable medicine skill helping you to both avoid fights, and to make it through them with minimal losses. She still has decent combat capabilities, but with 160 May 27, 2020 · 5. This article talks about tactics as if it matters when choosing a spouse (Phaea has "strong tactics skills, making her a good choice as a general"); however, my understanding from Apr 9, 2020 · Getting married in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord and having children isn't just a fun distraction, it's required if you want to see all your hard work not go to waste. +0. Cheats will not be enabled. +30 throwing skill to troops in your formation. Rewritten in Feb 2024 by Matti! Huge thanks to him :) If you have any critiques, additions, or questions feel free to ask in comments. To turn your motley clan into a dynasty you will need to start a family. You can use them as governors for your settlements, - they are especially useful if you have a settlement in their native land. I've grinded 300 smith enough times I don't feel like it's cheating using commands lol. 1. If your planning on giving her a party you should look for high tactics and combat skills, like Liena. This will lead to a marriage Apr 8, 2020 · First, pick an eligible lady and use the encyclopedia (‘N’ Key on world map) to find her. Jul 8, 2023 · How to find and marry the best Battanian woman in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord game. saving grace is having a bow worth 30k. I started a new game today and went to check on her. 29 votes, 10 comments. For example, "hot butter" mod. This provides a +1 loyalty buff and prevents negative Who is the best wife that starts with low skills/level that I can train up in only relevant skills? Elys. Liena is actually the best wife traitwise in the entire game. I always go for corein. com/playlist?list=PLU9RCp3FVNkQEe-p-QVHhdMKE4o9giKzMSCRIPT:Now lets talk about m One option is to save scam. I think clan tier 3. That will increase your relation with your own clan by 1-3. of the Wastes - 140 Scouting/185 Bow. Once they are in your party, go about your daily business. ) Apr 1, 2020 · Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The console command that is used to kill off the person that you married by mistake it as follows: campaign. +25% chance of dismounting enemy cavalry with a heavy hit with your throwing weapons. Table contents are limited to the most gameplay impacting information, so some Sep 30, 2021 · 1. kill_hero #" with the name of your spouse in place of #. Having children is a core Aug 11, 2023 · XD. The game is automatically offering the eldest daughter for marriage with my bro. Sora has 160 Steward and Imperial armour, which is the best in general. I may have done this a few times now. Ataniphor. They aren't Sturgian but they're way better than anyone from Sturgia. Any of the "high stats" wives will be best for different reasons. A few points in Engineering and Roguery can help. The youngest one that has the traits/stats you want for her anticipated role. May 2, 2024 · Who is the best wife for Aserai? The best wife for Aserai is Arwa. You get an excellent quality companion to fight in your army or manage a castle. It's Early Access experience was overall polished and very stable, but lacking many of the features that would be Jan 27, 2023 · Best General/Commander Wives in Eagle Rising - (M&B Bannerlord)Try The Mod Yourself: https://www. i always pick Liena, from Vlandia. same situation as svana. She's rich and has HUGEtracts of land. It allows to you to bang your wife by paying for a room in a tavern. #1. Javelins tend to be the quickest way to the Happy Hunting Grounds. I mistakenly placed her brother in my dungeon, and he died? I need to either gain rep, or eliminate her. My wife, the bearer of my children, hates me. Also wars can provide very good armor pieces and save you a lot of money. 100. Nadea from the western empire is my favorite, she's a great fighter, not a bad governor, and she's the daughter of garios. Best fighter I forgot. elendara babey need the devious trait😏. Arwa is the best Aserai wife. A group of nomadic desert clans that have historically competed amongst each other for power within the bronze desert at Calradia’s southern border. It comes down to personal taste. Arwa is among the best and isn't arguable. 7/1. Realm of Thrones Mod, tips? Best wife? Playing the realm of thrones mod for the first time. The conversation about a common and shared future as family has a form of a mini game. There are many good AI nobles both male and female. com/en/packs?_1lr=0-3252050_2016310_4262907& They're the 2nd best Khuzait clan when you start (the best clan in the Khuzait only has female nobles in it, no warriors unfortunately), and she has the best Tactics level out of the female warriors in the Khuzaits . i marry beagar or beagor i think 19pretty face good armor slightl yrelated to high king caladog so now your related to hi maswell. An other important and easy way to acquire a strong full set of armor is to marry a noble. She is up to like 13 in one handed LOL with some of the best equipment in the game. You can court and flirt with as many would-be partners as possible, though you can only choose to marry one There's a far more efficient way to doing this. A subreddit and community for the Mount & Blade series, created by TaleWorlds Entertainment. For example at first I wanted to try the horse archery, and that was cool and all. I’m a vassal of the north now, and am ready to marry a wife. maybe ira too. 2. Then say you would like to propose an alliance through marriage. true. She is gallant (she has all the positive traits honor, mercy, generous, and daring) and she's also the most beautiful among the vlandian nobles. Yeah slim pickings for Battania. But best waifu is definitely Jeremus. 7 stage of the game. if you run out of "combat wives" to marry The problem is that the gal I wana marry him to, in order to get her Steward skills into the clan for Governance, is the 2nd daughter. but total sell price of all her gear is only 68k. The only level 10 wife in the game, so very few wasted attribute and focus points. Make a save, and wait ~15 days in the settlement. • 2 yr. xml. Your spouse can be a very valuable asset that can greatly help you in conquering all of Calradia if you manage to pay their parents first! Nov 28, 2022 · Top 5 Best Wives (Khuzait) In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go through the Sep 30, 2021 · Getting married has a lot of benefits in Mount and Blade Warband: 1. Pretty awesome armor it is. Sora as quartmaster, and as a fighters there are dozens of girls with high battle skills. Then say you are offering the hand of your brother. What are the best companions in Bannerlord? The best companions in Bannerlord, according to the article, are Send her to the sea raiders' lair. How do I choose my wife in Bannerlord? To choose a wife in Bannerlord, you need to find a lady and express your love to her. Simply let your wife get captured by the enemy and taken to an enemy town, then disguise yourself, pull a spiderman and let her get killed. Reply reply. These are all the stats for the single women in the game that you need to know about. Share. Stewardship is great but can be trained very easily so its not a Hafisa is factually the best wife in the game. Running Throw. She also has 1 more perk than Abagai which is trade, at 122. They don't bring fiefs, there is no claim system ingame for kingdom titles, and the only thing they bring in is their equipment. This specific video deals with the best Battanian wives, or in other words the best single women in the Battanian kingdom that you can marry at the beginning of the game. I think Arwa, while not having trade, has the best steward. Nov 21, 2020 · I will give you my opinion of the top 10 most beautiful wives in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will build upon the popular Mount & Blade franchise bringing in many exciting and highly requested new features. Wonder who she is and why she is the best? Let's find out. It can be hard to find the right wife for marriage in your campaign I really didn't play much the last 2 years, so probably I don't know shit anymore, but the better the skills, the better the wife. 1 game. Because three kingdoms with the Empire culture occupy the middle of the map, most of the mid-game fiefs available to you will be Empire fiefs. Ranaon. She's been my favorite so far. stat wise, i would say her and liena are at the top. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord > [EN] General Discussions > Topic Details. Metalcore (or metallic hardcore) is a fusion music genre that combines elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. So helms I've gotten the best one several times through tournaments, an armour you can get from your wife or your brothers wife without spending anything I've had this helm an a closed warlord helm with 54 armour. I normally play as a battanian but marry inter-culture, usually someone like Yana to try and keep the Khuzait off my back for a bit. Efforts will be made to keep it up to date, and expand on its information. kill_hero “ Hero’s Name “. as the Gov or send her there though the clan menu. The “Bitterdraught” companion is a very useful companion to keep in your party. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can start a caravan in the game. You can have kids with your governor wife but you gotta be there too. but only 8k horse armor. In order to get married and start a family in Bannerlord you will need to find a suitor to marry. The spouse can be any member of any faction in the game - the easiest way to find a specific character is to use the encyclopedia (the N key An in-depth look at the Vlandian women you can marry. They can also, fight and win tournaments periodically for small combat related stat gains. Apr 8, 2020 · The one with the most elite Troops is the best. Liena of Miss Vlandia. Award. There is a method to make your wife get pregnant faster. Liena and Sora are probably the best wives in the game. I look to keep em close for the oompa loompa in towns while i recharge my smithing stamina, so I don't really care how good the wife is in stewardship or trade, and I care less if she knocks my ass unconscious in tournaments. Governor companions in Bannerlord primarily should share the same culture as the fief they're governing. Thought i was in the crusader kings subreddit for a second If you are on PC, console command "campaign. Feb 15, 2023 · Hey everyone! Best Wives In Bannerlord 2023!!#Wives #Guide #bannerlord World War 3 Buy Link! : https://worldwar3. Obviously if she would accommodate your needs that would be great I mean like your extra clan party needs. You can simply speak with them at the Castle or Town where they live and then ask them to join your party. ) Yana: not the best. You can gain/lose them through actions (though it's easier to get the red/negative ones than it is to gain the good/green ones. Hafisa or Corein. 2nd have your and her crafting Stamina at full and both of you full health. Zealousideal_Coat741. End of list. Per page: 15 30 50. Mar 31, 2020 · Once you are married you need to bring your spouse into your party. arwas mom also hot hehe. You gain a lot of reputation with her family and gain power in their kingdom. There are many good wives though. Apr 12, 2022 · Bannerlord 2022 Guides, Tips & Important Info Playlist - https://www. 3rd Have Beer and Wine in your Invenntory. Originally posted by Bordric: Pretty awesome armor it is. Every culture in Mount and Blade Bannerlord is viable and fun, but the Empire has a unique advantage. (not) Nice. Some may call me mad. your brother, your spouse, and your brothers wife will be great governors typically, yes. Go by the stats. (+) Being in an army brings 25% more influence. Sep 6, 2022 · Here are the best factions in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, in order of best to worst: (+) 20% less garrison troop wages. Maelos Mar 31, 2020 @ 5:55am. Young, so lots of kids. For example to divorce my wife Alynneth I type in the code campaign. The chosen hero is killed immediately and you can remarry as you wish. Giving coins or having high influence may help in the process. If your wife does not get pregnant, reload the save. the She-Wolf/Coalbiter/Bloodaxe - 200 Two Handed Weapons. Its really hard to say which is the best. Oh my! [UPDATED 2024] An attempt at a comprehensive guide for companion, wanderer, and spouse skills. I always pick Ira. From their skill, looks and power. Yep. Liena has 140 Steward, 100+ in all combat skills, and a op swing weapon. I wish I could remember how to spell everyone's name okay, Porphalios's daughter "Vamina" or something like that, has the Heaviest Imperial armor. 160K subscribers in the Bannerlord community. Currently present are the 64 wanderer templates found in spspecialcharacters. Just plain ignorant. Some really good ones arent even of age to get married when you start the game and dont appear until some years later. I always get married ASAP in case the wife I want gets taken. #3. youtube. To increase it you can go to different keeps, leave them at the keep so they can appear as an NPC, and beat them at the board games. This sandbox action-RPG strategy hybrid will take players on a journey into a fictional world of up-close and personal medieval combat on a huge scale, bigger, bloodier and more intense than ever before. The absolute best armors are the Imperial Heavy scale armor over mail hauberk 57/20/16 armor, the sturgian 54 armor helmets, the battanian scale gloves 25 and boots 26, the best shoulders are the aserai bronze scale something pauldrons 20/12 (or the battanian scale shoulders with 20/10 as its so much lighter), and for horse the cataphract scale barding 75 armor. Sea Raiders and Mountain bandits are companion killers. In the world of Bannerlord dynasties are as important as armies or fiefs. Empire Culture. My Hero's brother got an offer to marry her, now they both win all the tourneys I enter. Marriage is a very different system and much more useful in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord as opposed to how it was in Warband. The purpose of this post is to provide pertinent information about all of Bannerlord's potential companions. Slaughtering looters, buying and selling trade goods, running a successful workshop, just do what you would . Reply. My wife's armor is tier 6 and including horse armor is worth about 500000 gold. kill_Alynneth and press enter. 5. Abagai is good for her looks and so is Esachei. •. Dec 21, 2023 · Knock Off. If you want to make her governor, steward seems to be the only trait that matters, someone like Sora. Then, you need to talk to her father and give him a generous gift. She became pregnant within just a day or so after the marriage. Jan 13, 2023 · Best Commander Wives in Realm of Thrones - (M&B Bannerlord)Try The Mod Yourself: https://www. I've been impregnating the wife of the ruler in various factions to strategically place my seed to takeover once the time comes. At the start, she's 12 years old. As with other styles blending metal and hardcore, metalcore is noted for its use of breakdowns, slow, intense passages conducive to moshing. . The first step to get married in Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is to find a potential spouse. Apr 8, 2020 · Who you chose as your wife depends on what you want your wife to do. I turned her into a 330 steward, a secondary refining smith and a Goddess on the battlefield AT THE SAME TIME in my last WC playthrough. But I didn't take it for myself or sell it. Mine lol. I play Bannerlord with eagle rising, marry anyone, bastards, improved garrisons, mods. Before talking to her make sure to save (in case you fail the charm mini-game) When you talk to her choose the option to profess yourself her Admirer, this will lead to a charm mini-game. At least that's what it was in my game. 1st make sure you have her in your party (so she cant run away) or have her in a castle or town you own and have her just there ie. Console commands or if you don’t want to cheat open encyclopaedia and find armour in the towns with most prosperity and if by Jan 23, 2022 · Wars with other factions or blacksmithing are the best ways to acquire denars at this 1. By default, the chances of this are 12% per day, but if our character has a level 25 Charm, you can choose the Virile perk, which increases it to 30%. #bannerlord2 Personality traits are passed from parents to children. CALRADIA_IS_MINE. She had turned 40 and gave him zero babies. Empire privilage is a thing in Bannerlord. the Prince - 140 Roguery. She has some amazing stats. But second time around, I missed my huge axes, and now you can swing them from horse Dec 19, 2022 · Mount & Blade Bannerlord - Top 6 Best Male Spouses in Calradia#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go through Nov 17, 2023 · Best Cape/Shoulder Armor in Bannerlord. For party leaders I max out Intelligence first (Stewardship, Medicine) and then Cunning (scouting, then tactics ) and then Endurance (for party movement speed perks). Depending on what you want her to do. Aserai infantry I've played Bannerlord for numerous hours, and I can state with certainty that the Aserai infantry unit is one of my personal favourites. Cute (the most important criteria): Rhagaea. Other than this, it seems there is nothing else these tratis do. Dec 4, 2022 · Mount & Blade Bannerlord - Top 10 Best Body Armors 2022#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go through the 10 May 18, 2020 · Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. I recommend to choose wife based on your culture so your kids can grow up to match your culture to be governors. Calatild dey Arromanc's daughter, Silvind. October 2, 2022. With the Empire’s grip on the continent beginning to fail, the nomadic clans elected a Sultan to lead them against the Empire. Who would be some of the best wives in this mod? Ideally someone with good stats to lead a party. No, it's Svana. The best item you can put in the cape slot are the Highland Warlord Pauldrons which provide a bonus 20 body armor and 10 arm armor. That is all for our Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Single Women guide. The Bitterdraught. By the gaurds, by you, it doesnt matter! Theres a much bigger chance she’ll kick the bucket this way. Nov 22, 2022 · Top 5 Best Wives (Aserai Faction) In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord video, I go thro Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord EASY Marriage & Best NPC’s to Marry! (2024) Table of Contents show. I love Arwa I’ve had 4 kids with her and she’s is governor of quyaz she’s a solid wife. Apr 5, 2020 · Check the encyclopedia (N) and sort by kingdom to find a character who suits your fancy. nexusmods. Married Arwa again in my new 1. Liena has the best tactic. Since I pick the trait that gives generous, honest, merciful I like wives with a few of those traits like Presciana and Mitela since I can persuade them and get them free very early (with a couple persuasion perks to help). Feb 20, 2021 · Telerion Feb 20, 2021 @ 12:17pm. You can mold her into whatever you need. obiwqnkenobi. 7. Thus was how my Siga met an unfortunate Mar 1, 2023 · Here are the best Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord companions that we’ve found thus far alongside the skills that make them stand out: the Healer - 80 Medicine. com Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord - Top 10 Best Wives. What determines spouse starting equipment - on my earlier game my spouse got a really awesome set of armor and weapon plus some unique named horse - now the same spouse got an ordinary set of silvery lamellar armor. Ira. She is a strong fighter and a valuable asset in battles. Give Svana an axe and a horse and she’ll go ham and be sexy all the while. The ones off the top of my head are: Mitela, Elys (for Vlandia), Alynneth (Battania which is in a bad spot for spouses in general), Hafisa, Zulaika (Aserai), Presciana (Empire), Idrun, Milanka (Stergia). If you pass persuasion checks with say, Ira, you can get her for less than 10k. Hopefully she lasts. If you're not save scumming though, whichever gal you can dupe into marrying you is the best one. Steward. It's subjective. My wife (Ira) was killed by headshot with a throwing axe. She is my enemy, yet still rides by my side. 1. And I don't even play as the Southern during my Empre play through (I played as the West bcs they always tend to lose easier in my games, and I don't like that. Ira: has omega combat stats, 90k horse armor, and some of the best armor (jeweled helmet, 215k chest armor etc. 7. Hello, I'm in need of much help, for I have sinned. com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2428?tab=filesSu May 27, 2020 · Aserai. That said, Alynneth waifu is best waifu. 120. So, this is probably by a side effect of design, which means I have to hunt down an unmarried eldest daughter that is a good Apr 19, 2024 · How do you find a good wife in Bannerlord? To find a good wife in Bannerlord, you can approach a lady, express your love for her, and then seek permission from her father. I had my eyes set on another gal in her 30's, but then this strong, feisty 18-year-old won me over. doing missions, playing games, taking out bandit hideouts nearby and in warband you could also get relationship bonuses with lords depending on how honourable/dishonourable you were (if you're really honorable and the other lord is really honourable, they'll like you more). You better hurry and choose one because as of 1. The subreddit for all things dedicated to Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. (-) Village hearths increase 20% less. 5 beta, other Apr 13, 2020 · Best Companions For Governors. To win just pick the options with the highest success rates. +5% throwing weapon damage to cavalry troops in your formation. The game released in Early Access on Monday 30th March, 2020. Which means any. Haha she is (Sora) the daughter of Manteos. (+) 50% less speed penalty and 15% sight range bonus in forests. There's certainly others too, but that's one I know for sure has it in 1. Be a bit suss if your wife got pregnant while you were waging war in the other side of Calradia…. Jan 12, 2023 · How to increase your wife's chances of getting pregnant in Bannerlord. I prefer someone with basicly no skills, this way you can form them into whoever you like. On top of her excellent personality, Liena is also the best party leader or governor you can marry. com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2907Total conversion On my first playthrough of 52 hours, I married Caladog's daughter, Corein, quite a ways in. Nov 16, 2022 · How to Get Married & Have Kids in Mount & Blade Bannerlord (Guide)#Bannerlord #MountandBlade #taleworlds In this Mount & Blade II: bannerlord video, i show h Apr 19, 2020 · So when you marry your spouse moves to your clan, that's why their relation drops. yh rj og pw do xo pn ja gu sk